Dansk Natursten A/S is Denmark's leading supplier of water building stone.

Water building stone

Water building stone is typically used for:

  • Construction of sea walls
  • Piers and quays
  • Harbour base stabilisation
  • Canal stabilisation of base and slopes
  • Stabilisation of off-shore constructions (Wind turbines, off-shore installations, etc.)


We cooperate with producers in South Norway, Oslo Fjord, Western Sweden and South Sweden.

The producers all have a long history and have subsequently gained tremendous experience in producing these products, which range from 5 kg up to 30 tons.

Logistics solutions at sea

Through our logistics operations of approx. 500 vessel port calls in Denmark, our requirements are prioritized in order to find the correct solution precisely for your task.

Our partners have vessels ranging from 1,500 tons up to 6,000 tons - all as self-discharging vessels. Furthermore, we can offer barge solutions in the region of approx. 2,000 tons up to 10,000 tons loaded material.

From our stocks in Dansk Natursten A/S we can combine water building stone and other stone materials in vessel loads for projects where the volume of stone is less than 1,500 tons. Currently, we have 12 storage facilities across Denmark and we can supply close to the site location regardless of the volume.   

Logistics solutions on land

Many of our deliveries do not end in the discharging port. We can offer deliver with specially built trucks that can transport large water building stones directly to the contractor's construction site.


The grading of the material is delivered strictly in accordance with the EN 13383 standard. We can also deliver a grading that is not covered by EN 13383 to fit the client´s project.

We have producers who have quarried stone with a > 2.65 t/m³ density and quarried stone with a > 3.00 t/m³ density.

We can deliver all the usual sizes of material (Course grading), LMA/B (Light grading) and HMA/B (Heavy grading).

All our producers are subject to the strict requirements of EN 13383 and all testing is conducted in the stone quarries and quality documentation follows every delivery.


By virtue of our references, we are the natural partner for the delivery of water building stone.

  • Thyborøn
  • Hvide Sande
  • Luxury liner terminal, Copenhagen
  • Sejerø - Stabilising of the ferry port
  • Handbjerg Marina - New marina
  • Udbyhøj extension of marina - New marina
  • Sjællands Odde – Stabilising of ferry port
  • Lønstrup strand – Breakwater
  • Venø new ferry quay
  • Remmerstrand construction of sea walls
  • Skagen Havn beach stabilisation

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