Granite sub base aggregates

Granite sub base aggregates for the construction of road base or storage yard wearing course. Our material can be laid out in thinner layers than traditional base material as it has a stronger surface and drains better.


Motorway - motorway stretch constructed with 5/8 mm Norit.

Marine engineering

Marine engineering - Extension Port of Sundby 2012; 60-300 kg broken rock

Isbjeget - Aarhus Havn

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Port of Aarhus – Isbjerget

Port of Aarhus - Isbjerget - Polished façade elements with Snow White. Snow White is the world's whitest stone imported from Greece.


Tobacco – Element construction with exposed 8/11 mm black Hyperit.

Fredensborg Castle

Fredensborg Castle – Vegecol surfacing with 3/7 mm yellow Majs stone.

Railway projects

Railway projects - Dansk Natursten delivers railway aggregates for large and small projects throughout Denmark via a port close to the construction site and for many years we have been the preferred supplier for Banedanmark.

Thyborøn Church

Thyborøn Church - Polished façade elements with Snow white. Snow White is the world's whitest stone imported from Greece.